What Does a Property Inspector Do?

The role of Property inspectors (also known as a home inspector) is to assess the condition of both residential and commercial properties and to determine how compliant property is, or is not with local building regulations. As such, both buyers and sellers commonly use property inspectors because both can benefit from having a clear picture of the condition of the property they are wanting to sell or thinking about buying.

​After an inspection, they will present a detailed report which provides an assessment on each specific area of the property that was assessed, e.g. roofs, foundations, floors and more. 

The importance of home inspections can’t be overstated. Although home inspections and inspections of other properties, such as commercial properties, exist to provide an independent opinion about the condition of a particular property, the inspection may also provide a buyer with an indication of how the property is going to behave as their new home. The object of the inspection is to try to establish the best way to start a new life and in that sense, it has an important role to play. At the heart of every home is its foundation, that is, its home structure, that is, the framing. Your home has a number of characteristics that make it a desirable dwelling. The most important of these is its level of health – it has to pass a number of tests to assess its structural integrity.


Just like most professions, property inspections are divided into two distinct categories – Pre-Apprenticeship and Post-Apprenticeship. In pre-apprenticeship, a home inspector will become familiar with the building codes of the particular area they have been asked to check. This often means that these inspectors will have only experience of either testing fire exits, using a nailgun to mend a roof or perhaps learning how to test air quality in an attic space.

​In the case of post-apprenticeship, a property inspector will be expected to carry out inspections on behalf of a homeowner or a professional that they have worked with before. At The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys we have a large team of fully qualified and experienced property inspectors.

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As mentioned, property inspections are all about assessing a property’s health or condition and providing a report of how such health or condition affects the value of the property.

Before an inspection begins, there is a series of steps that a home inspector takes to ensure that the property is safe and structurally sound.

  1. A home inspector begins by reading the condition of the building to ensure that the structure is in good order.
  2. Next, the inspector performs an inspection on key areas of the property, such as floors, ceilings, walls, roofs, and foundations.
  3. Finally, the inspector includes a photo report which shows where the property is in the condition to deliver a purchase contract or sell the property. 


Any prospective buyer who wants to take out a mortgage for their new home or business premises or for a new commercial building, must hire a property inspector to carry out an assessment of the property. This property inspection is a significant milestone in the transaction and you need to get it right! However, the buyer has little opportunity to engage in a detailed search of property prior to the buyer closing on the property, and the more time that elapses between closing and selling, the less time the buyer will have to correct any issues found. The buyer and the seller must agree upon the proposed inspection timetable at the point of sale.

Though you might be skeptical of the skills of a property inspector, they are indeed very important to both buyers and sellers. The best property inspector will know the ins and outs of your local areas and be able to give you a clear and unbiased report on any issues you might encounter when purchasing a property or listing a property for sale.

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