Seller’s Property Inspection

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Planning on selling a home? Let The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys do your house inspection checklist to provide the best results.

Home Building Inspection

The most important aspect of a home building inspection when selling a property is the yield of information it will provide. When the inspector arrives, have him or her fill out a home seller’s checklist or an Inspection Checklist. Most Inspectors throughout Dallas, Fort Worth and the Metroplex will do this as standard practice but its best to make sure.

Part of this information that needs to be provided is the Home Seller Disclosure which is a requirement stipulated by the Texas Property Code that sellers fill out a Seller’s Disclosure form, in most instances.

Interested parties will want to have an accurate representation of the various systems within the home, including electrical, HVAC, sewer systems and otherwise.

Turning to our experts will ensure that you get an in-depth overview of their current state. We bring you a service that is dedicated to delivering the highest level of attention to detail. This will allow you to present the most accurate synopsis of the property in question.

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Home Foundation Inspection

Your home’s foundation is crucial to the overall stability of the property. If there are any issues within the foundation, this can quickly spread to other parts of the building. A high level of repair may be needed if this is the case. Resulting in a hefty bill for you.

​This can be prevented if you allow us to undertake a home foundation inspection of your property. 

It’s a simple fact that homes that have foundation issues often find themselves on the market for an extended period.  We look to bring you the ability to either make repair choices yourself or to present this information to your potential buyer.

Roof Inspection

Another crucial part of your home’s construction where issues can arise is the roof. If there are leaks or weakened materials, this can develop into a major cause for concern.

If it has been a couple of decades since you’ve had your roof replaced, we can provide a roof inspection. Our experts will assess if your roof needs any maintenance or general repairs. This information will allow you to give a better representation of your home.

Home Mold Inspection

A mold issue within your home can lead to several potential problems, including health risks. If you notice your home is affected by a mold problem, turning to professional inspectors is your best option.

Take advantage of your home warranty inspections and have the necessary services carried out. The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys​ and we can provide your mold inspection

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