Irving Home Inspections

Are you worried you won’t find a reliable property inspector when you look up ‘home inspector near me’ for homes in Irving? The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys are always ready to help you make a wise and informed choice when it comes to buying and selling real estate. We have inspected properties all over Irving ranging from commercial buildings like Irving’s Arts Center to single family homes. 

Our services cover the entire cost of evaluating a piece of property to give a full report on areas that need repair or those that could need replacement in the future. Over the years, we have done Irving home inspections that ended up saving our clients money in the long run or made them invest in a good home for their family. We cater to both sellers and buyers because a home inspection is essential regardless of the side of the deal you are on.


The things we check in our home inspections Irving package are: the foundation, floor, roofing, air conditioning, drainage, plumbing, walls, electrical system, heating, among others. In each category, our team does a complete analysis to spot any underlying issues that could cause problems in the future. The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys has invested in modern technology to make the home inspection process as efficient as possible.

Most of the clients we deal with come for a pre-purchase inspection, but some clients will request a home inspection in a building they are already occupying. In such cases, the inspections are the pest inspection or the sewer and septic inspection. These inspections keep your home safe and running and also prevent future problems for you.

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Real Estate Investor Inspections

As a real estate investor with properties all over Dallas, our contact information should be on your speed dial. The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys makes property inspection affordable because if you were to inspect each part of the property individually, you would end up spending so much money. We have professionals on each home system under one roof. The price you pay us for your home inspection covers every section of the property.

Commercial inspections are also popular in Irving. We take these inspections very seriously because a commercial building like Microsoft is usually bustling with activity. If anything were to go wrong, a lot of people would be affected. Conducting a property inspection on a commercial building is one of those services we deploy our best professionals for the assessment. 

Property Inspections Irving, TX

Irving home inspections have increased over time because of the trust people have in us to deliver. We give people the confidence to step into a building and feel safe knowing everything about the building is okay. Most of the buildings on each side of the Mustangs of Las Colinas have been inspected and approved by The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys. 

And if you are in Grapevine and are wondering whether there is a good home inspector within your area, The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys also serves you there to make an informed decision on the property.

Jake, An Irving Based Property Inspector

When you hear that the cowboys are at work, just know that everything will be okay. We do not misrepresent the facts to our clients because we want you to invest in good properties. Make regular inspections on your property with us to ensure you have everything under control. Whether old or new, if you want to sell a property, call us on our official line (469-378-5966) and talk to our customer care for further details. ​

The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys

We have served thousands of happy customers just like you. This has gained us the reputation as the best property inspection company in Grand Prairie.  We look forward to chatting to you.


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