Do Buyers Typically Attend Home Inspections?

We generally advise buyers to attend the home inspection, generally we ask them to come at the end so that we can share our findings. This provides an opportunity for the buyer to ask questions about specific items whilst having the opportunity to show them the item in question in person. 

Our team will tell the buyer before the inspection starts to share anything that they have questions about. If the buyer isn’t able to attend the inspection for one reason or another, their agent can go for them. Another reason why the buyer’s agent should be present: the agent can use the findings during negotiations. Instead of asking for a reduced price on the home, ask for closing cost credits.


Home inspections are important. They can help the buyer find out if their home is structurally sound, can they afford the home and the price, and whether the home is safe. Even with all the improvements in the housing industry, there are still homes in many areas that need repairs. Also, a thorough inspection can help the buyer see things that are overlooked during a simple walkthrough.

​Every home inspector carries a bunch of tools to determine the house’s condition. From sight, sound and feel, a good inspector can determine if a home’s wiring is in good shape, the foundation is sound, and there are no leaks or cracks in the wall. These evaluations are key to making the right buying decision. Sometimes a buyer’s agent can’t attend a home inspection.

What are the benefits of buyer attendance?

A lot of buyers don’t have the time or inclination to attend home inspections. We are always being asked how long do home inspections take?

And it’s the length of time which typically deters a buyer from attending.

If a home inspector discovers issues with the plumbing or any other major parts of the house, it’s important to have a second set of eyes. That’s where the buyer’s agent can come in handy. The agent can be the point of contact for the buyer and make sure that the buyer understands the conditions before signing off on the home. Buyers also need to be made aware of any issues before signing on the dotted line. There are instances in which buyers may want to make changes after signing on the dotted line. We’ll show you how to get a home inspection or request a home inspection.

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What are the benefits of a buyer’s agent being present?

When buyers’ agents are present during inspections, the buyers can ask them questions that may not be answered in the inspection report. This allows the buyer’s agent to get a better feel for the home’s condition. And since the buyer’s agent is there, they may be able to persuade the seller to reduce their asking price.

A buyer’s agent is also the best person to remind the seller to mention certain items on the inspection report that the buyer may have already identified. If a buyer’s agent is not present, it may seem like the sellers are going through the inspection reports on their own. However, this is not always the case. Even if the seller can’t attend the inspection, they can hire a home inspector or bring someone they trust into the home.

What should a buyer do if they cannot attend the inspection?

It might be difficult for buyers to attend the home inspection, especially when they live out of town. Your agent should help them find another home inspection company nearby. Buyers that are not able to go to the home inspection themselves should also enlist the help of a real estate agent. If you’re unable to attend, your agent can attend for you.

“What if Buyers Have Questions About The Home Inspection?”

​There are always questions during the home inspection. The home inspector will know about all of the systems in the house, but it’s better for the buyer to ask. In particular, they should ask for maintenance procedures, what you can expect in the future, and if there are any deficiencies that need to be corrected. The home inspector should be able to answer those questions.

What are important questions to ask during an inspection?

Besides asking questions about the home’s electrical, heating, and other systems, the home inspection is a good opportunity to ask questions about the home’s foundation and roof.

It’s a good idea to ask the buyer to check the outside of the house. This will help the agent ask more detailed questions about the roof and other outside elements. Additionally, the buyer’s agent can use the home inspection to ask questions about the buyers’ finances. They can use the information from the home inspection to negotiate better closing costs, or explain if there are additional contingencies that need to be taken into consideration.

​Buyers should take these home inspections seriously as in all home buying situations, home inspections can be a simple way to speed up the purchasing process.

Don’t rely solely on the contract for your property inspection report. The report is not to prove that the home is not a crime scene. It’s only to show what’s wrong with the property and which companies are responsible for fixing the issues. Once you go to the inspection, talk with the inspector and ask for clarification if you’re not sure what’s going on.

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