Buyer’s House Inspection

When you are in the market to buy a new home, knowing not only the asking price but also any additional costs is paramount.

This is where the assistance of a professional building inspector is required. The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys will carry out a buyers home inspection on your behalf. You will be provided with in-depth knowledge to make an informed decision on putting an offer in for the property.

Our experts will conduct a home inspection checklist. This will make sure everything is covered.

Grand Prairie House Inspections

Aware at the state of the home that you’re looking at is critical. A professional house inspection can get deep into the non-visible aspects of the property. This will also find any any issues that may only look fine on the surface.

We generally advise buyers to attend the home inspection, we normally ask them to come at the end so that we can share our findings. 

Intentional misrepresentation or issues that the homeowner may not be aware of will be highlighted.  Having this information as part of your decision-making process is vital.

Home Electrical System Inspection

Depending on the age of the property in question, the possibility of  electrical issues arising is something to keep in mind. The overall cost of getting the necessary repairs can go well beyond your expected budget.

Turning to The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys to provide you with an electrical home inspection will  prevent this. We will ensure that you get the most up-to-date information on the state of the property’s electrical systems.

You will be provided with all expected costs following the inspection. We aim to provide you with the ability to avoid further expenses.

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Grand Prairie Yard & Pool Inspections

Not only do the state of the home and its various components need to be taken into account. The surrounding property and any potential installations also. 

When choosing to work with our professionals, you can also obtain information on any pool installations that can cause potential issues later on in life. For your pool inspection; residential electrician are the ones to call.

Providing you with a better means to understand the home you’re interested in, is our aim.  The entirety of the property is inspected to ensure that you make an informed buying decision.

Property History

Included in our commercial property inspection cost is information on the property’s history. You will be informed of any past maintenance or repairs that have been carried out within the property. The current state of the property is also included.

By knowing what issues and situations have arisen in the past, you are aware of any potential problems that may occur. When you need a service that goes above and beyond your standard inspection, you need the professionals at The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys​ in your corner.

Inspectors Checking The Property'S History In Texas

The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys

We have served thousands of happy customers just like you. This has gained us the reputation as the best property inspection company in Grand Prairie.  We look forward to chatting to you.


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