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If you are in the process of buying, selling or renovating your  property a professional home inspection is required. They will provide you with all the necessary information regarding your property.

That’s where we come in.

The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys provide quality commercial and home inspection services. We guarantee a thorough and accurate assessment.

Grand Prairie Cowboys Pre-Purchase Inspection

About Us

For many years, we have been bringing our services to both residential and commercial properties across the Grand Prairie, Fort Worth and Dallas areas.

You can take assurance knowing a home inspector on our team has has assisted hundreds of clients across Grand Prairie. Across a huge  variety of homes, apartment buildings and businesses​.

When looking for the best home inspection for buyers and sellers in Grand Prairie, consider choosing us.  Our reputation, experience and professionalism mean you no longer have to Google phrases like ‘home inspection companies near me’. Because our home inspector team are the best in the area. 

Hiring a property inspector to carry out an assessment of the property is a must. Read about what does a property inspector do in determining the condition of your property.

Our home inspector professional will provide you with the most detailed inspection in Dallas. Our team also inspects properties throughout Forth Worth, Irving and Arlington.

​Contact one of our knowledgeable home inspector pros If you would like to learn more about getting your property inspected. Give us a call or complete the form to the right and a member of our team will call you right back.

What Do Home Inspectors Do?

The inspection is one of the many ups and downs, tensions and joys, that come with buying and selling a home. Home inspections provide you the opportunity to get an independent professional’s opinion on the state of your house.

A home inspector is a trained specialist who visually inspects a home’s structure and components for any current or potential issues. They offer you a written report that includes a summary of the issue areas as well as recommendations for future investigation.

You can discuss the home inspection report with your real estate agent to see how the findings may affect your decision to buy a house.

What’s Included?

Insulation & Ventilation

Kitchen, bath, and laundry venting systems, as well as the presence of ventilation fans, should all be insulated in unfinished attics and foundation areas.


Solid foundation, windows, ceiling, framing, roof condition, working garage door opener, up-to-code electrical system, and properly functioning outlets are all important factors to consider.


There are no symptoms of water intrusion or damage to the foundation, walls, or floors.

Cooling/Heating Systems

Furnace, air conditioning (if temperature permits), water heater, chimney, and fireplace are all in good working order.


Built-in and free-standing appliances that work properly (stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, and all other appliances).

Electrical System

Condition and kind of visible wiring that is up to code, as well as the proper operation of circuit breakers, outlets, light fixtures, and fans.


There should be no broken or leaky pipes, adequate hot water temperature, and working toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.


There should be enough insulation, enough ventilation, and no signs of leaking or water damage.


Correct ground-to-siding clearance, external paint or siding quality, and correctly operating lights and electrical outlets.


Shingle condition, flat roof repairs/patches, clear vents, damage to chimneys, and gutters in good functioning order.


Septic tank leaks, appropriate drainage, and the condition of the house’s roads, fences, and walkways are all factors to consider.


Fire and carbon monoxide alarms should be operational, as should fire sprinklers, the condition of the stairs, hand and guardrails, and garage door openers.


Construction of visible foundations, signs of the structure sinking or bowing, floors and floor framing, walls, ceilings, stairs, drainage systems, and window alignment.

What’s NOT Included?

While home inspectors examine for a variety of things, there are several things that are normally not addressed by a home inspection. If you detect any difficulties or have concerns in any of the following areas, you should consult a trained specialist. Here are a few examples of items we don’t usually look at:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Pest management
  • Swimming pools
  • Asbestos
  • Radon gas
  • Venting equipment with domestic appliances,
  • Toxic mold and lead paint

The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys are different. They were so much more thorough than the previous companies I worked with. You want to know everything before you buy or sell. Trust me, it’s better to know before closing for both the buyer and seller. 

Matthew AMB - Grand Prairie

There is no point risking such large amount of money so when it came time to sell my multifamily building and even though I had an inspection already done.

I still called The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys and I am glad they did. They uncovered critical things the other guys did not.

Things that allowed me to negotiate with the seller before closing. This saves my many, many thousands of dollars. 

Henry P - Grand Prairie


Our team is conducting home, apartment and industrial property inspections right throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex on a daily basis.

Our inspectors are based all over the metroplex meaning that same day, fast inspections are often possible.  


The services that we provide to Grand Prairie are aimed directly at providing you with information necessary to save yourself substantial future expenses.

Are you buying or selling a property? looking to avoid sudden expenditures? or worried about a sudden drop in value due to unforeseen circumstances? we can help.

Obtaining our services will provide you with the required information you need in order to go to any negotiation table prepared.

We bring you clear and accurate results to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge required.

Texas Buyer Home Inspection

Buying a home is a crucial investment, and ensuring that you are fully aware of all of the details surrounding a new property is essential.

You don’t want to be saddled with sudden expenses when it comes to your new abode. Our home inspection services aim to make sure that doesn’t happen.

You will be provided full details when you receive an in-depth house inspection. 

This gives you all the information needed for your potential purchase. From the main property to surrounding buildings, pools and any other installations.  

Texas Seller’s Home Inspection

Accurate information is just as important when it comes to selling a property. Issues may arise that could have an impact on the overall value of your home.

​This can be an unfortunate setback. Don’t worry though! finding ‘inspectors near me’ is where we come in.

Our professionals are here to ensure that you can avoid any problems. Give our experts at The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys a call.

​​”After looking for home inspectors near me prior to selling my home, I came across The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys and so I  gave them a quick call. Honestly these guys were super easy to deal with and the ultimate professionals  when it came to the inspection.”


– Larry T,  Grand Prairie, TX

Texas Buyer With House Key

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Safeguarding against potential situations when buying or selling a property is extremely important.

From newly constructed homes to older properties on the market unforeseen circumstances do occur. This includes pest infestation, mould growth and more.

You can count on our building inspector
to get deep within a property to deliver a thorough assessment. They will provide you with the necessary information you need.

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Building & Property Inspection FAQs

We understand that a majority of our clients have a general idea what home inspection services are. 

You not be aware of the intricacies involved in providing this service. This is why we present a space within our website dedicated to answering some of the most common questions. This will give you advanced information before deciding to reach out to our home inspection professionals.

How Much is a Home Inspection?

One of the most common questions when it comes to obtaining our services is ‘how much is a home inspection?’
It would be impossible for us to present a solid figure without having a better understanding of the property.

We don’t want to mislead any of our clients. Various properties and homes can range wildly in size and scope, which in turn will affect the overall cost of home inspection. You must consider all these factors when asking ‘what is the average price for home inspection?.

When reaching out to our professionals, we can provide you with a more accurate figure by having more information on the property in question.

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

At The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys​, we view a majority of our services as being a means in which to save our clients money.
home inspector will obtain an accurate understanding of your property. This allows us to  provide you with the information necessary to avoid unforeseen costs,

So, what do home inspectors look for? Structure issues, mold, infestation etc.

 Moving into a property only to find that the foundation is in shambles can render your investment virtually worthless. Our professionals are here to ensure that you can avoid these unfortunate circumstances. You will have a better understanding of exactly what a property will cost.

How Long Does a Property Inspection Take?

Depending on the scale and size of the property in question, a home inspection varies between a few hours to a few days.

A commercial property or a large home, will usually over a few days. Each aspect of the property inspected separately. This is to ensure that we are providing the most accurate details.

Whatever the service you need, call upon our experts. You can depend on our professionals to always be professional and thorough.

When Should I Get a Home Inspection?

 If you are selling a property and worried that your property may have damages, contact Grand Prairie.  team as soon as possible is in your best interest.

Likewise, if you are interested in buying a property, then making the call to our experts when you are ready to put in an offer is the best time. Ultimately, it comes down to exactly when you want the information, and our experts are here to provide.

The home inspection process is fairly simple one. You can leave the hard part to us!

Qualities of A Good Home Inspector

Honest & Diligent

We want our clients to feel like they can trust our judgment 100% and we achieve this by being diligent and transparent with the home inspection process. We do a thorough examination of all the aspects involved as not to miss anything that could be crucial to you as a buyer or a seller of a property.


We have an extensive background in any repair process, mechanical & electrical systems, solutions to energy consumption problems as well as materials and modifications. Due to being in the industry this long, we can do the whole process in a more efficient manner because we know what to look for, any red flags or areas that need extra attention, we’ve got it covered.

We will save you time because we all know that time is of the essence in the real estate industry.


To comply with Texas state laws, we take continuing inspector education courses in order to renew our license. We are also a part of the National Inspector’s Organization which means that besides the state, there is a higher authority ensuring that we abide by the code of ethics and we provide high-quality service.

Attention to Detail

Detailed reports are a must for any home inspector of good standing. Not only do we provide reports that contain all the information you need to know but we also set it out in a manner that is easily understandable for our clients who do not have the home inspection know-how that we do.

Limitations & Connections

Of course, we have extensive knowledge of the home inspection process but when it comes to more technical aspects that are outside of our expertise, we will not hesitate to call on the professionals who do have the knowledge so we can give the most accurate information.

Customer-Focused Service

At the end of the day, all we want to do is to help our client purchase or sell a property that meets all the requirements in the most efficient manner. Feel free to ask us all the questions you need to.


Any good business knows that insurance is a must just to give everyone peace of mind. Insurance coverage will protect our inspectors as well as prospective buyers and homeowners from any accidents that may happen during the inspection process.



We keep things simple.

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Receive Your Funds.

Inspector Inspecting A House In Texas


Purchasing a commercial property can be an investment unlike any other.

When investing in commercial property it’s extremely important to have a thorough inspection performed.
Regardless of whether you’re the buyer or seller, you have to know everything before closing.

Sellers beware, buyers can still come after you once a property is closed on. 

If you are in Grapevine and are wondering whether there is a good ‘home inspector near me’, The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys is here to help you make an informed decision on the property.



Many of our customer are first timers with no prior experience of home and property inspections, not have they ever hired a home inspector.

​We have compiled the most common questions asked of a home inspector. If there is anything else you want to know, just give us a call and we will be happy to answer your queries. 



Accurate quotes are given once we have all the details and requirements of your property. 

Our transparent pricing structure means you are free to compare against the competition. But we know we are the most competitively priced. Our loyal customers are testament to the fact that we are the best at what we do. 


Many of our customers want to know if a home inspection is really worth the money. Home inspections can end up saving you way more than the initial cost, even if it is a new construction.

Home inspections can find costly issues such as a shifting foundation, faulty wiring, water damage and more. These are the kinds of problems that can cause stress, cost money, or even be safety hazards. 

There is nothing worse than buying a home you love just to find out it is going to cost you more than it’s worth. We want to give you peace of mind when you decide to close on a house!

The cost of a professional home inspection shouldn’t be an issue because it can save you an enormous amount of worry, work, and money. Even if we find that there is nothing wrong with the home, the cost is certainly worth the peace of mind we can give you. 

A comprehensive home inspection can also help you refinance your home to your liking. Remember that knowledge is power and we give you knowledge that can help you negotiate with the buyer, seller, or lender. 

If you have any questions about the cost or what it includes, call a helpful and friendly home inspector at 469-378-5966. 


We have found that some issues tend to pop up in our home inspections again and again.  Some of them, like faulty wiring, are extremely hazardous if they aren’t identified and fixed.

A few of the issues we see relate to water damage like problems with stucco, plumbing, or grade sloping. 

One issue we often see here in the DFW metroplex is old roofing. This can be a major problem and an expensive fix you want to avoid before buying a home. 

It is always good to get a professional home inspector to write a thorough report about any home you may buy. If you have any questions, call us today!



It is always important to get any home you are buying or selling thoroughly inspected by a professional home inspector. Our aim is to ease your mind before making an important decision.

We take our time with your home to ensure that we find any and all issues that we think you should be aware of. Any time we do a property inspection we follow a home inspection checklist. This ensures that we never miss something no matter how small.

We are on your side because when we do our job right you avoid excessive costs or surprises about the property you are selling or buying. We always encourage our customers to ask any questions they may have and to keep the lines of communication open with their dedicated home inspector. 

Some of the things we check include:


  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Ceiling
  • Roofing
  • Attics or Basement
  • Floor
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Walls (both interior and exterior)
  • Plumbing
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electrical System
  • Patios, Decks, Porches
  • Drainage
  • Insulation
  • And much more!





What To Expect

When we do inspections on a property, we do a thorough job. Because we look at every nook and cranny of your property, you can expect the inspection to take a couple hours. Each home inspector take each.  inspection very seriously.

Your home inspector will finish your comprehensive report as soon as possible so you can get on with your life.  

Our report will include:

  • Overall Condition
  • Summary
  • Details about everything we inspected
  • Photos
  • Recommendations

We provide the most thorough home inspection nearby, but if you have any questions about our report, our process, or our checklist call us at 469-378-5966

Grand Prairie Cowboy Inspector Checking House Window

Red Flags

Some of the issues we find on home inspections are either very expensive to fix, or are often a sign that there are more issues with the property. For serious buyers, these things are red flags that you should take into consideration.

If you are still interested in buying the home after these types of issues are included in your report, it is a good idea to negotiate the price or a revised mortgage payment with your financing bank. 

Some common red flags include:

  • Foundation Issues
  • Roof Damage
  • Old or unreliable HVAC
  • Water Damage

If we included anything in your report that makes you hesitate to go through with the buying process, feel free to call us. 

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Cost For House Inspections

When choosing a home inspector in Grand Prairie, it is important to take all aspects into consideration. Never just base your decision on price, because the cheapest home inspector may quite possibly do the “cheapest” job.

At the other end of the spectrum are home inspectors that charge more for expensive properties and their price is not relative to the amount of work they do.

That being said, we always offer competitive pricing and our prices will always reflect the service that we provide you and are based on:

  • Size of property
  • Additional Inspections (lead paint, mold, termites)
  • Accessibility 

It is important to keep in mind that the buyer is typically in charge of hiring and paying the home inspector because they are taking the most risk.

On average, it costs about $400 for an average sized house to be inspected. Larger homes or those that require additional inspections can cost $500, $600, or even more for a thorough inspection.

Grand Prairie Cowboy Shows Buyer The Property

Tips For Buyers

Since buyers take so much risk when buying a home, it is important to know, and do, these things (sellers can benefit from them too!):

  1. Write the home inspection into the contract as a contingency clause
  2. Ask your home inspector questions about the things they will inspect, won’t inspect, and anything else you are unsure of.
  3. Know what to do before you receive the report- what will make you renegotiate the real estate? What will you ask to repair? And what will you leave be? Also, ask for documentation of any repairs you negotiate into the contract.
  4. Get specialty inspections by a certified home inspector if there is any doubt.



We take pride in our thorough inspections and our customers’ satisfaction and each home inspector is licensed and insured. Not only that, but we guarantee that our home inspections are the most comprehensive in the Grand Prairie, Dallas, and Fort Worth areas. 

We use the most recent techniques and the best technology to provide you with the best possible home inspection. We even use thermal imaging to locate any problem areas that could be missed by the naked eye of a home inspector. 

We are always respectful of your property and treat it as our own. We encourage communication throughout the entire home inspection process. We also inspect commercial properties!


If you need anything, do not hesitate to a friendly and knowledgeable home inspector. 

The Grand Prairie Home Inspection Cowboys

We have served thousands of happy customers just like you. This has gained us the reputation as the best property inspection company in Grand Prairie.  We look forward to chatting to you.


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